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About us


Our church is not a building.

Our church is a community of people who relate to each other, and to others, throughout the week.

How we live at home, at work and in our neighbourhood is significant, every day.

Good and healthy relationships are central to who we are as a church.

We want to live meaningful and loving lives through who we are and what we do.

Community is important to us.

We are diverse, with people of all ages and from every kind of background.

Everyone is welcome and that enriches who we are.

The Bible teaches us that "God is love" and that we are to "love one another".

That takes effort and time, and grace.

Having loving relationships is one of the most important things about us at Knightswood Baptist Church.

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Our church is not just about Sundays.

But Sundays are special and so are our services.

Sundays are when we meet to gather and worship and pray together, and find our common identity.

Our Sunday service is at 10:30am. You don’t need to book - just come along.

We have a creche and kids’ groups part-way through the service, and tea and coffee afterwards if you want to stay and chat.

We want our services to be meaningful, and worshipful, and relevant.

We want our services to be up-building, with beautiful music, creativity and depth. And everyone is welcome, just as they are.

Our minister, Rev Gus Macaulay.


Gus has been our minister for over 15 years. He’s got a few degrees, including a couple of theology degrees.


Gus oversees our pastoral care, leads our leadership team and preaches most weeks.

Gus is married with three children. He used to enjoy competing in triathlons. He still swims, cycles, runs and climbs mountains when he can.


You can also see him swap the pulpit for a drum kit on Sunday mornings.


He’s very approachable so feel free to talk with him.

Our Community Worker, Rev Ruth Kelso.

Ruth works with children and young people in the church and in the community.

Ruth is a trained teacher and is also involved in chaplaincy in the local schools, as well as running our kids and youth groups.

Ruth is trained as a pastor and has a theology degree too. She has served in places like Albania, Lebanon and Mozambique.

Everyone loves Ruth. She’s brilliant at what she does and she has a great sense of humour.

Which is just as well as her rabbit loves to nibble on straw, parsley and wires for mobile phone chargers.

Our leadership is team leadership.

Gus and Ruth lead together as a team, along with a team of leaders called deacons.

Servant leadership is the model of leadership.

There are other leaders in the church, such as leading the toddlers group, youth work, practical service and such like. All one big team.

Serving others with love and integrity is the model for everyone in our church life.

Because of that, we have a real sense of harmony and community.

We like that about Knightswood Baptist Church.

Contact us

It would be great to hear from you.


Or get in touch at 07743366956.

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