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Mission means being sent.

Jesus said to his disciples , "As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you."

Jesus was sent to the world to love us.

So, we are to live a life of love in the world with anyone we encounter.

That means in our own home, at our work and as we go about our daily life in every way.

Our mission as a church is to love as Jesus loved, and to live as Jesus lived.

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We love Knightswood. 

Jesus taught us to love our neighbours. Through each of our lives and as a church, we want to show love to Knightswood. 
Our Tots & Toddlers, Youth Group, Friday Lunch and other activities are all safe places of welcome, warmth and hospitality. We are involved in local primary and secondary schools' chaplaincy  and with other local organisations. AA meet at our building on Mondays at 7:30pm.
We are involved with the Knightswood Fellowship of Churches, worshipping with various denominations, standing together in unity against sectarianism and division.
We want to let Knightswood know the good news about Jesus. We want to be good news through what we say, who we are and what we do.

We love Glasgow. 

God tells us to love the city we find ourselves in, and to seek its peace and wellbeing. Many of us live and work in Glasgow, a great city with many challenges. 
We support Glasgow City Mission, who want "To see our city and its people flourish and know fullness of life". You can see more about their amazing work here.
We are involved in chaplaincy with schools and in healthcare. 
Jesus was moved with loving compassion for the city he looked upon. We want to show that same loving compassion of Jesus to Glasgow. 


We love Scotland. 

We live in a beautiful country and we want to see it grow and flourish, for the good of all.
We are members of the Baptist Union of Scotland, a network of about 160 churches all across our nation, north and south, east and west, in cities, towns, villages and islands.
We believe it is better to work together than trying to do everything alone. Partnering with others across our nation helps us to fulfill the mission of love Jesus gave us. 

We love God's world. 

God created a beautiful world with varied nations and peoples. Our care for creation is vital. God sent Jesus to us because he loves the world and wants to see the whole Earth transformed. 

We support the work of BMS World Mission who aim to bring life in all its fullness through key ministries relating to church, development, education, health, justice, leadership and relief. BMS work among some of the most marginalised people and in some of the most fragile places on Earth. You can see more about their meaningful and creative work here.



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Or get in touch at 07743366956.

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