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Discover Jesus.

One thing we want everyone to do is to discover Jesus for themselves and who he is.

We'd love you to discover more about Jesus' life, death and resurrection, and what that means for you.

We are followers of Jesus - we believe in him and everything he has done for us.

We seek to follow his command to love God and to love our neighbour.

We are a community formed around Jesus and his way of love.

That, for us, is the essence of our faith.

Who is Jesus?
What is Christianity all about? 

You can find out more about Jesus and the Christian faith here

The Alpha Course

A great way to discover more about Jesus, God's love for us as our Father, the Holy Spirit, and how to be in a relationship with God, is by doing the Alpha Course.
Millions of people have done the Alpha Course.
We run Alpha in our church from time to time.

You can find out more about Alpha here
If you'd like to do the course, please get in touch with us:

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Prayer is a big part of our faith and has been described as
"a conversation between friends".
Everybody prays in some way at some point in their life.
If you would like to discover more about how to pray, see here for The Prayer Course.
If you would like prayer for anything, please get in touch with us:

The Bible

Reading the Bible helps us to discover more about God. 
If you are new to the Bible, then a good course to do is The Bible Course. See here
A daily reading plan is a good thing to do as well. Many of us use Lectio365, which is an app for your phone to help you reflect, pray and read God's Word. See here
YouVersion's Bible app also has various reading plans. See here.
The Bible in One Year involves a bit more work, but is very rewarding. See here.

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We believe that our faith should be lived out in the whole of our life and not just while at church, and not just on Sundays.
Who we are, what we do, how we live, how we work and how we relate to others are all important aspects of our faith. Our worship of God is to be with the whole of our life, every day, in every situation.
If you would like to dig deeper and explore that, see the resources from LICC here


Faith is best lived out in community.
We are designed to be in relationship with God, and with others.
That's why having loving relationships in community is so important to us, and why church is an important aspect of our life of worship. We can support and strengthen one another, and learn from one another, and serve one another and serve with one another.

Praying Hands

The church is not a building or an institution; it is a living community of people, with Jesus and his way of love being central to all that we do. We seek to live out loving and authentic relationships. We want church to be a good place to be, and for you to be a part of that.
Contact us, or come along on a Sunday morning at 10:30am. Everyone is welcome, just as you are.

Contact us

It would be great to hear from you.


Or get in touch at 07743366956.

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